Our Universe

SPAZIO is a young company that offers exclusive planning, renovation and interior design services. Our focus is thinking about and creating the space in which we live every day, be it your home or your commercial business. Spazio’s mission is to be able to find a solution to your needs, improve your daily life, and this by creating what you have always dreamed of.

The word Spaziohas got two meanings: physical space, the one in which we spend our life every day, and interstellar space, the one which includes the universe within itself. Physical space is our home, interstellar space is what is invisible to us: our passions, values, dreams.






These are what we call our 5 pillars“: Passion, Faith, Vision, Determination and Essence. Despite noise, rush, difficulties and impossible deliveries, we always try to remember which are the pillars supporting our motivation in carrying out our daily work. We like to experience and feel it more as a mission, rather than just as a simple assignment.